Molten Steel

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Music is a lifetime pursuit. Your taste might change, you might be listenning to genres that you wouldn't touch 3 years ago, but it's still the love of music.

Ever Lasting Metal Journey


Shanghai-based sludge/doom metal band, word is pale, listen to it, NOW!

My role:

Blood of Life

After almost one year of producing, this album is finally released! I play bass in this band but more importantly, this is the first time I produce something not written by myself. It was quite challenging because the standard was low when I'm mixing for myself, but producing other ppl is another story.

Record other people's vocal is harder than I thought, as I need to figure out the right way to provide a usable cue mix for the singer to sing with comfort. I tried several different approaches making the singer able to hear herself in a natural way, includes some unconventional ways like a) place a condenser mic behind her to bring the sound of the room into the cue mix to make her "forget" the headphone b) replace the headphone with a pair of Bose QC20 earbuds, turn the "aware mode" on so the environment sound would leak into the cue mix directly through the earbuds.

Bring out mixes that all band members are happy with is even harder! After several failures, I decided to seek for help here and the courses are super awesome! After several cycles of feedbacks, arguments, and tweaks, the result is finally slightly acceptable and unwillingly nailed.

The road ahead is still steep and raw, keep mixing!


For me making electronic music is somehow very similar to programming, a combination of art and logic.


To one of my favorite TV series: Doctor Who.

As Young As Ever

Even now, whenever I smell mouldy air, it will bring me back to the unforgettable period of my life, back to those deep underground practice rooms in Beijing. We're spread all over the world now, New York, Beijing, Shanghai... But the string will keep vibrating, on and on, in a different form.

Songs below are by me and my old bandmates, I hope there will be more in the future.

I Surrender (Rainbow cover)

To the one and only Ronnie James Dio, rest in peace. \m/

Remote Collaborations

Internet is a true miracle, it eliminates the distance between people. Songs below are collaborations with artists I've never meet in real life. Shoot me a mail if you also want to brew something with me.

Let me out

This one is the result of my first Kompoz attempt, the platform is really handy for ppl looking for online collaboration chances, and while other similar platforms are more focus on electronic music, the majority of this one is "band stuff".

And the song also comes with a rhythm guitar playthrough, nice work Jamie!

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