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About me


Who I am

I am a software developer from Taiwan, Taipei, currently live in Shanghai.

During my whole life, my soul is occupied by two things: Programming and Music. The first one gives me job and keeps me survived while the second one "absorbs" all the breads I earn, however, I love them both, equally.

I'm highly interested in the area where audio and computer science intersect. My interests are across the whole spectrum, from recording, mixing, sound design, to computational arts, computer music, audio processing.

What I am good at

I am good at learning new things, and I love to dig & dive into something I don't know.

"He who does not know can know from learning"


2015 China Music Expo Web Audio Innovation Contest - Best UI Design

Professional Experience

Splunk (2016/7 - Now)

Splunk UI

Splunk UI React components which make frontend devs' life way easier when building Splunk apps.

Splunk Mobile App

Mobile app for Splunk users to see Splunk dashboards/reports on the go.

EFLabs (2015/1 - 2016/7)

Virtual Classroom

A multi-devices (desktop, android, ios) online virtual classroom which contains: real-time audio/video chat, text chat, whiteboard, slides & WYSIWYG text editor.

Qisense Technology (2014/1 - 2015/1)

Online Analysis

A web application which users can upload trading records and view the aggregated data.

Data Relation Inspector

The goal of this web application is to reveal the inner relation of data.

Distributed Crawler Cluster

A scalable, incremental and expandable web crawling system. The system will keep monitoring several B2C and C2C e-commerce platforms and fetching new product info and consumer reviews. The system is able to crawl not only static webpages but also dynamic loaded contents. The system is separated into several layers and each layer is transparent to its dependent, which makes it expandable and scalable.

Distribution and Mobile Computing Lab of Beihang University (2010/08 - 2013/12)

HTML5-Based Augmented Reality Museum Guide

An web-based augmented reality application that provides tourisms extra information about the OOI(Object Of Interest). The application detects objects that shows in device camera, points out partials and display extra information on top of the video.

Bacnet/Modbus Energy Monitoring System

An energy consumption analysing system to optimise the usage of buildings' air-conditioners. The system will acquires parameters of blowers, rerigerators and ammeters by Bacnet/IP and Modbus, also provides user an interface to control them remotely and manage alarm events. When an alarm event is triggered, it will send notifications via email and SMS text to the administrator. The system is used by Carrefour and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Company.

Distributed Gas Monitoring System

This is a personal project for spending spare time during my military service, sold to MDK Medical Equipments later. The system is deployed on Kaohsiung E-Da Hospital. The air pressure monitoring device is an AT8051 powered chipboard with pressure sensors. The device can be attached on gas suppliers and exchange system, they would send the present values and parameters via RS-485 to a sub-hub. The sub-hub will send aggregated data to the server via TCP/IP. After the data is received by the server, it could be observed by administrators on the web application.

Satellite Attitude Observing System

An utility for debugging satellite communication modules. The utility would receive observed data from RS-232. After extracting the parameters, it will display the calculated position and attitude and show a fancy 3d satellite model to demonstrate the state of the satellite.

Comsat networking examination and applying system

This system provides comsat networking applicants an online applying interface to submit their registrations and check the examination reports, also provides administrators an online interface to arrange automative examinations, control frequency spectrographs and supply oscillators.

Pearl Digital Entertainment (2008/07 - 2008/08)

The intern was separated into two stages. The first stage was a training phase. We learned the basic computer graphic knowledge by implementing GPU rendering pipelines on CPU in C++ with DirectX 3D, includes triangle rasterization, perspective projection, texture binding and lighting. In the second stage, my responsibility was the implementation of a global lighting system. I accomplished the light tracing and photon mapping modules before my internship ended.


Duration Institution Department Degree
2010/09 - 2013/12 Beihang University Computer Science and Technology Master
2006/09 - 2010/08 Beihang University Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation Bachelor

Social Activities

Eduinfinity Translation Group (2014/05 - 2015/10)

Substitles translator of following Coursera courses: